How Do Know That Carrageenan is Safe Food Additive?

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Carrageenan is an ingredient that is derived from red seaweed and works as a thickener in foods. Carrageenan is used in the food industry with some application in the industry. Carrageenan is a food additive that will be labeled organic and natural. You have to put it in dairy products and beverages to keep them from separating. They are widely used in the food industry for their gelling, thickening and also stabilizing properties. Carrageenan is a seaweed extract. This type of seaweed is common in the Atlantic Ocean and continental Europe. You have to boil the seaweed to extract the carrageenan. In that sense, carrageenan is completely natural.

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How is carrageenan safe food additive?

Carrageenan is used in the processed foods for stabilization, thickening, and gelation. It will increase the demand by the consumers need for convenience, advances in food processing and also new food products. It is used worldwide to enhance ice creams, chocolate milk, meats and protein drinks and so on. Carrageenan is an approve a food additive. Food grade carrageenan becomes readily degraded by the practice of digesting a meal. This is additive to the food and exposed to an acidic environment as the body works to absorb the nutrients by breaking down the food components.

Carrageenan becoming more popular in foods for the health that carrageenan may cause in increased dietary concentration. This is safe in additive of carrageenan in foods as a topical cream. The process is simple that you will actually do it in your own kitchen. It is a food additive because it is something that is added to the food. Carrageenan is ideal for food additives. They have a range of gelling and emulsifying properties that range from a soft to a brittle gel.



What is carrageenan?

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Carrageenan is an active ingredient which is derived from the red seaweed that works as a thickener in food items. The name of the carrageenan is derivate from one of the spices of seaweed which is known as carrageen moss in England and Irish moss in Ireland.

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The carrageen has been used in the Ireland subsequently the 400AD as a gelatin and also as a home remedy to cure the coughs and colds to the children’s.

The carrageenan can be used as an equal alternative to the gelatin in the preparation of desserts. This will retain the moisture in different kinds of cooked meats. And also it can be suspended to the chocolates in the chocolate milk to preventing it from separating the ingredients.

The carrageen will helps the foods to stay with its deliciousness and desirableness for a long time which will help to reduce the food wastage.

The carrageenan is harvestedfrom a natural source. The seaweed is admired due to its many more health and wellness benefits, where we found the great useful ingredient carrageenan.

The carrageenan is extracted from the red seaweed by boiling that in a gentle and non-acidic broth. Then the filtering and milling it into a fine powder, which can be later used in foods.

The method is so simple that you can use the carrageenan in your own foods. The families in the Ireland used this to do their food about hundreds of years ago so that today also they include this as aningredient in their dishes.

This is considered as a food additive because sometimes that is added to food as like the salt and pepper. Just because it is an additive to the food, it does not mean that you should be concerned about eating this carrageenan.


2 Unique Christmas gift for Dad

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2 Unique Christmas gift for Dad

One of the best ways to make your dad surprised on Christmas is presenting the wonderful gift. If you are presenting a valuable gift to your dad, he may really feel happy about you. One of the happiest days for Christians is Christmas. On that day, the gift makes the strong relationship between you and your dad.

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  1. Bluetooth remote shutter:

One of the best and useful gifts to present your dad is Bluetooth remote shutter. It is the wireless device you can connect this device to your smart phone via Bluetooth. Using this remote, you can control your phone, and also you can take a picture with this device.

This is the best device to store your beautiful moments. This giftmakes your family relationship stronger than ever. Don’t worry about the price. It comes at an affordable price.

  1. Bluetooth speaker with water proof:

Nowadays, Bluetooth is the essential kit for all. Most of you spend your time with this Bluetooth device. You can attend phone call without touching your smartphone and also you can enjoy your favorite song using this Bluetooth speaker.

Now, this Bluetooth device comes with water proof, so your device will not damage if it falls in water.


The above two gifts will be considered as the 2017 best Christmas gifts for dad. I’m damn sure; most of your dad spending their time in using phones, so I recommend you this gift makes your dad to be happy. When it comes to the cost of these devices, it is quite inexpensive. This is a valuable gift to make your relationship stronger.